6 Ways to Transform Your Vacation Rental for the Holiday Season

Hosting vacation rental guests during the holiday season gives owners and managers the opportunity to provide their guests with a unique and memorable experience. Adding in a few special touches for the holiday season can go a long way towards enhancing a guest’s stay. We have created a list of ideas and tips for preparing a vacation rental with some extra cheer!

1. Decorate your rental home with some holiday spirit.

Focus on creating a cozy atmosphere for guests by adding some winter décor throughout the home. It is best to avoid any religious specific decorations to prevent from offending or making any guests feel uncomfortable during their stay.

Our favorite decorating ideas include:

  • Put up a small faux decorative tree.
  • Put out extra soft blankets that are perfect for cozying up for a movie or a good book.
  • Add a few soft white lights and/or faux candles.
  • Decorate with neutral winter decor such as some pinecones, greenery, or faux logs.
  • Hang an inviting winter-themed wreath on the door.
  • Put up a small faux decorative tree.

2. Update your Guest Welcome Book.

Provide guests with a list of your favorite local winter attractions and activities by updating your guest welcome book or creating a simple flyer. Think outside of the box this year when providing guests with ideas by including local activities that may not be impacted by the quickly changing COVID restrictions.

YourWelcome provides Vacation Rental Managers with a unique way to provide information to guests on local activities and attractions via their YourWelcome Tablet. This is an easy way to communicate with guests, update information easily, and upsell a variety of services.

Our favorite local activity ideas include:  

  • Favorite local winter attractions and activities.
  • Info on parks, hiking trails, and outdoor recreation areas.
  • Scenic drives in the area.
  • Local shopping guide, include unique and interesting specialty shops.
  • List of restaurants with special seasonal menus.

3. Stock the kitchen for holiday baking.

Give guests the opportunity to partake in baking their favorite holiday treats by making sure the kitchen is stocked with a few extra baking supplies. 

Our favorite kitchen ideas include:

  • Stock the kitchen with the following items: muffin tin, spatulas, rolling pin, mixing bowls, measuring tools, baking sheets, cake pan, cookie cutters, and decorating tools.
  • Create a list of local grocery stores and be sure to include options for delivery if available.
  • Provide guests with a locally sourced “baking mix” full of everything they may need for a special treat.

4. Have fun family and group games available.

This year especially, guests may be spending more time at the vacation rental during their stay than exploring local attractions. Make sure guests stay entertained by providing them with some fun family and group games.

Our favorite game ideas include:

  • Put out a mix of board games, dice games, and card games.
  • Include some of your favorite family/group games.
  • Set out adult and child coloring books and supplies.

5. Provide guests with a special gift or Welcome Basket.

To add an extra special touch for your guests, you could give them a locally sourced gift that is small, but unique. Consider partnering with local businesses for items in the welcome basket.

6. Reach out to guests prior to their arrival.

Contact guests ahead of time and ask what they may need/want and if there is anything you can do to make their holiday stay special.

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