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Our Clients Love Waivo

In the vacation rental industry, unexpected events are a given. Waivo ensures they don’t become setbacks. Our Protection Backed by Insurance (PBBI) plans prioritize both the host’s assets and the guest’s experience.

Why Waivo?

A revolutionary approach to damage protection that requires no guest involvement, offers broad protection with no deductible and supports hosts and managers with an intuitive client portal for speedy reimbursement.

No Guest Involvement

Most damage protection products start by trying to collect against the guest, which unfortunately can lead to negative reviews. No one likes to get accused of damage, even if it’s their fault. The bottom line is it’s uncomfortable for everyone involved. With Waivo, we do not contact the guest, we simply pay for the damage and let you quickly move on.

Broad Protection with No Deductible

Waivo built a comprehensive damage protection product that includes both accidental and intentional guest damage with theft included as well. Our protection limits are from $500 – $20,000 and apply to both building and contents or personal property damage. And, the best part, we pair all this with no deductible, so you get paid from the first dollar.

Intuitive Client Portal

In today’s world, it’s all about being efficient and organized. When damage at a vacation rental property occurs, Waivo’s intuitive portal is your best friend. Simply log into the portal, upload a few photos of the damage along with some booking details, and hit submit. The portal keeps track of all damage submissions, reports, reimbursements, and more.

Speedy Reimbursement

For business owners, time is money, so Waivo prioritizes speed. This may seem too good to be true as traditional experiences with damage reimbursement are slow and painful. Because Waivo combines technology and logic, breaking the traditional damage protection norms, we can deliver what we call, speedy reimbursement.

Dedicated Human

When damage at a vacation rental occurs, a computer can’t solve the problem, at least not yet! It involves the guest, the manager, the property owner, and often another 3rd party or two. And of course, it involves contracts and money. Waivo is fast, but having one dedicated human at Waivo when things get complicated, is what sets us apart.

+Liability (Managers & OTAs Only)

Add $1,000,000 of commercial general liability to every booking. Accidents and bodily injury claims and lawsuits are commonplace in the vacation rental industry, so there must be business or commercial liability insurance in place to respond when a guest turns plaintiff. Ask your dedicated Waivo human for more information!

We Serve the Entire Market

Independent Hosts & Owners
Professional Property Managers
Booking Platforms & OTAs



Airbnb items like furniture, appliances, plants, towels, cups

Who is Waivo?

Speed is a crucial component of the short-term rental industry. Your guest damage waiver process should keep up.
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