Professional Property Managers

Whether you are tasked with overseeing a portfolio of five or five thousand properties, the challenge of managing guest-related damage remains a persistent issue. It involves the property manager, the guest, and often, the property owner.

Allow Waivo Enterprise to solve your damage issues and serve as your comprehensive solution.

What is Waivo Enterprise?

Our Enterprise program is customizable per property and caters to the needs of our managers, with protection limits ranging from $500 to $20,000. Combined with our competitive rates, it’s clear why we’re the chosen partner of more managers seeking a balance of protection and profitability.

Catering to larger property managers with volume-based pricing, our Enterprise model ensures comprehensive damage protection with the ease of our intuitive client portal.

Implementation Is Easy

After your in-depth consultation and signature of the Enterprise Agreement is complete, your dedicated account manager will be with you every step of the way during implementation. We make certain your damage protection program is a success.

Utilize Our Intuitive Portal

Once implementation is complete, it’s all about using our online portal. This is where you will file new damage notices, view open damage notices, get speedy reimbursement, upload monthly fee reports, and communicate with the Waivo team.

More Owner Acquisitions

Property owners want the best protection and Waivo delivers. Simply provide our online reviews to your owners and use Waivo as a competitive advantage. Explain guest damage is rare, but when it happens, you can both count on Waivo.

A Couple Highlights

Adaptable Protection. Every property manager operates within a distinct market landscape. We engage in a comprehensive consultation with you to ascertain what booking channels you use and deliver the optimal protection limits.
Streamlined Damage Protection. Manage your damage notices, reimbursements, reporting, and more directly from your intuitive dashboard.
Direct Point of Contact. Personalized account management for seamless communication and service.

What’s Protected?

Waivo’s protection is an open perils product, meaning any damage caused by a guest is protected unless it’s specifically excluded such as wear and tear or mechanical breakdown.

Consider it a substitute for a security deposit. Would you keep a guest’s deposit if they caused damage? It’s very likely protected if the response is “yes.”

Protection Highlights:

$500 – $20,000 protection limits.
Covers both accidental and intentional guest damage.
Covers building, personal property, and theft.

Disclaimer: for complete details of what’s protected always refer to your protection agreement(s).

Add $1,000,000 of Commercial Liability

Accidents and bodily injury claims and lawsuits are commonplace in the vacation rental industry, so there must be business or commercial general liability insurance in place to respond when a guest turns plaintiff.

In the event the host or owner does not carry $1,000,000 of commercial general liability, typically found in the home insurance policy, fill the gap, and add the Waivo+ liability insurance option.


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