Independent Hosts & Owners

While independent hosts and property owners are the driving force behind the vacation rental industry, their needs are frequently neglected. As true do-it-yourselfers, you rightfully deserve access to the most comprehensive damage protection.

To cater to your convenience, we have introduced WaivoNow, our self-serve solution.

What is WaivoNow?

WaivoNow is an online platform where hosts can quickly enter a reservation, pay, and receive proof of protection in minutes. It’s the ideal solution for replacing a security deposit, with protection limits ranging from $1,500 to $5,000.

Perfect for those hosting or managing 1 to 3 properties or having less than 10 bookings a month. Experience our user-friendly self-serve solution for instant protection.

Purchase Damage Protection

Simply log into our intuitive portal, key in your reservation details, select a protection limit, and click purchase. You then get immediate proof of protection within the portal as well as an email receipt. There is nothing more to it than that!

File a New Damage Notice

If damage occurs, log into the portal, upload some photo evidence along with some booking details, and hit submit. Our damage team quickly reviews all damage submissions for approval, denial, or more information that same day.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

While guest-caused damage is statistically rare, it can be emotionally and financially stressful. You can’t always predict which guest might damage your property, but Waivo will ensure your property is protected if it occurs.

A Couple Highlights

On-the-Go Protection. Instant protection from $1,500 to $5,000, wherever you are, even last-minute bookings.
User-Friendly Portal. Select your limit, purchase, and receive your proof of protection in minutes. Plus, WaivoNow stores property and billing details for quick and convenient repurchasing.
Designed for Flexibility. Perfect for smaller hosts and property managers needing quick, reliable protection.

What’s Protected?

Waivo’s protection is an open perils product, meaning any damage caused by a guest is protected unless it’s specifically excluded such as wear and tear or mechanical breakdown.

Consider it a substitute for a security deposit. Would you keep a guest’s deposit if they caused damage? It’s very likely protected if the response is “yes.”

Protection Highlights:

$1,500 – $5,000 protection limits.
Covers both accidental and intentional guest damage.
Covers building, personal property, and theft.

Disclaimer: for complete details of what’s protected, always refer to your protection agreement(s).

Say Goodbye To Security Deposits

The dreaded security deposit. It’s dysfunctional and a pain point for both the independent host and the guest. However, some type of guest damage protection is needed, thus the birth of WaivoNow.


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