Booking Platforms & OTAs

If you operate as a booking platform or another type of Online Travel Agency (OTA), you find yourself in competition with Airbnb and their comprehensive AirCover protection for hosts. Waivo offers a white-label solution that empowers you to elevate your brand and deliver the protection that hosts are seeking.

Create a custom protection product and embed it into your brand today.

Your Protection Program

Our goal is to not put you in our protection “box”, based on what we think your customers want, we want you to create your box. This might be as simple as offering a damage protection program in place of a security deposit, or as comprehensive as adding blanket liability to every booking.

Let Waivo handle all the back-end heavy lifting for protection, and you handle servicing your customers and growing your booking platform.

Benefits of Being Powered by Waivo

Completely Custom. You know your brand and what your customers want. Do what Fortune 500 companies do and create and embed a protection plan right into your onboarding and booking processes.
Expert Claims Administration. When things go wrong, you want your hosts, managers, and guests working with an expert, not an in-house employee. No offense but let us handle the claims as we are the best-reviewed vacation rental damage firm in the world. It’s the art of the claims experience.
Turn Protection into Profit. Because Waivo operates at scale, we offer competitive pricing which leaves a healthy margin for you. In the end, there is incredible value for your customers and for you, so everyone wins.

Add $1,000,000 of Commercial Liability

Accidents and bodily injury claims and lawsuits are commonplace in the vacation rental industry, so there must be business or commercial general liability insurance in place to respond when a guest turns plaintiff.

In the event the host or owner does not carry $1,000,000 of commercial general liability, typically found in the home insurance policy, fill the gap, and add the Waivo+ liability insurance option.


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