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The Ultimate Peace of Mind for Vacation Rental Guests

Rent Havasu guests are automatically protected under the Waivo™ damage protection program. The Waivo program offers the industry’s broadest protection. It’s damage done right.

$3,000 in Damage Protection

Although rare, accidental damage from guests does happen. Traditionally, this was managed via a security deposit or vacation rental damage insurance purchased by the guest. Both are cumbersome and often have big limitations in protection.

With our damage protection program, damage from a guest is covered unless it’s specifically excluded such as, but not limited to, normal wear and tear, mechanical breakdown, infestation, or prior damage.

Relax and Enjoy Your Stay

It’s vacation time, so enjoy it with peace of mind knowing that if an accident happens and damage occurs, you are protected under Waivo!

This waiver does not negate your responsibilities as a renter for items outside of Waivo’s responsibilities. 

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