Waivo™ Is A Bigger Revenue Source For Vacation Rental Managers

What happened to the good old days when Vrbo was a flat $399 per year, or known as the Craigslist of vacation rentals. Professional property managers simply listed their inventory on Vrbo and it was booked. Those days are gone and so are the incredible margins for managers. Today managers have to deal with 5 different OTA commission structures, aggregate advertising expenses, and overall higher costs for new owner acquisitions.

The only savior is direct bookings and additional revenue sources. Not only is Waivo a great product for guests, but it’s a great revenue source for managers. Waivo believes managers are the core of the vacation rental industry and they deserve a product that works for them and their guests. Yes, Waivo takes a small cut, but the lion share goes to managers.

Talk with a Waivo representative today about damage protection options.

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