Who is Waivo?

Speed is a crucial component of the short-term rental industry and just as your properties are booked in a blink, your damage waiver process should just as be swift and efficient. Welcome to Waivo, where we believe that protecting your vacation property shouldn’t slow you down and doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Waivo is not your ordinary vacation rental damage protection company. We’ve revolutionized the industry by creating a unique approach to handling guest-caused damage, one that doesn’t burden your guests with responsibility or paperwork. We handle everything behind the scenes, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience for everyone involved in the midst of a situation that is often a negative one. 

We’re committed to moving at the speed of your business. That’s why we promise to review and respond to every damage notice within two business days. This fast turnaround time often means damage reimbursements are processed within the next business day, keeping your short-term rental operation running smoothly. Our speed is not just a promise but a part of our contract with you, meaning we’re contractually obligated for a quick turnaround. 

With our expert in-house damage team handling all guest-caused damage notices, you can expect personalized service and quick resolution to any damage that arises. We cover a wide range of guest-caused damages, from intentional damage caused by guests and theft, to pet damage and more, even extending our damage protection coverage to linens, which are often excluded by other damage waiver companies. Waivo offers broad protection with no deductible.  

Our direct-to-client pricing model is simple and straightforward. This can be passed on to guests, making our damage waiver suitable for both individual short-term rental homeowners and large vacation property managers. 

What truly sets us apart, however, is our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. We value human connection, ensuring you have direct access to your dedicated sales representative and our damage team. 

In the fast-paced world of short-term rentals, you need a damage waiver company that can keep up.  

With Waivo’s efficient damage notice process, broad protection, and personalized customer service, your damage protection will never lag behind. Welcome to the future of guest-caused damage protection with Waivo!

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