The Origin of Waivo: Solving the Guest Damage Problem

Named for the concept of “waiving” the risk onto someone else, Waivo was born out of a desire to innovate and improve the short-term rental damage protection industry.

As one of the select few companies offering supplemental damage protection specifically tailored for short-term rentals, Waivo has carved out a unique niche in the market. The team behind Waivo recognized several pain points in the industry that were crying out for a solution: involving the guest in the claims process, the question of accidental versus intentional damage coverage, the need for an organized system for managing damage protection, and the lack of speed for reimbursement to get the property back up and running for the next booking. 

And so, the mission was clear. Waivo set out to create a solution that addressed each of these issues head-on.  

Waivo’s origin story is one of innovation, solution-oriented thinking, and a deep commitment to improving damage protection for the vacation rental industry. By identifying and addressing those key pain points, Waivo has positioned itself as a leader in supplemental vacation rental damage protection for short-term rentals.

Founded to Fix Supplemental Damage Protection 

For short-term vacation rental properties there are two primary categories of protection:  

  1. There’s your traditional insurance policy (like a Homeowners or Landlord policy, or better yet the Commerical Homeowners policy offered by Proper Insurance) which covers the big stuff—think fire, wind, hail, and the like. It often comes with a high deductible in the range of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or more depending on your specific policy.
  2. And then there’s supplemental and/or damage protection that is designed to step in for the little stuff – from a guest who accidentally puts a hole in the wall to minor damage that doesn’t meet your primary policy’s deductible. This is where Waivo comes in. Think of Waivo as replacing a security deposit.

Waivo is part of a short-list of companies that offer specialized, supplemental damage protection for short-term rentals. But Waivo didn’t want to just compete in this space, they wanted to improve it by raising the bar for a new industry standard. 

The founders, with their first-hand experience launching the nation’s leading vacation rental insurance provider, saw the challenges faced by property managers and homeowners. They observed the negative reviews plaguing existing supplemental protection options and the often-dreaded guest involvement. So, they decided to do something about it.

The Waivo Difference – Damage Protection Done Right 

Introducing Waivo, your new best friend in the world of short-term rental damage protection.  

Waivo is not just another damage protection provider; we’re setting a new standard for what it means to provide supplemental damage protection. Here’s how we solved the damage protection problem and what makes us stand out. 

  • Broad Protection with No Deductible: Broken coffee table? Covered. Intentional graffiti? Also covered. With Waivo, you get wide-ranging protection from accidental to intentional damage. To you damage is damage to your short-term rental – and that’s how Waivo sees it too. 
  • Intuitive Client Portal: Forget about piles of paperwork and complicated processes. Our client portal is as intuitive as it gets, from setting up to filing damage, our client portal saves you time and simplifies the process. 
  • Speedy Reimbursement: Time is money, and Waivo gets it. That’s why we offer quick reimbursements. No more waiting around until who knows when. With Waivo, speed is not just a promise, we even signed it into our contract. 
  • Dedicated Human: When it comes to customer service, Waivo always goes the extra mile. We offer dedicated human support to assist you, providing personalized assistance whenever you need it. No bots. No endless hold music. Just pick up the phone and we’ll be on the other side. 
  • A Revenue Generator: Waivo’s damage protection isn’t just about covering losses; it can also be a revenue source. Say what? Yep! As a property manager, you can mark up the cost of the damage waiver to your guests and generate extra income. 
  • Reasonable Pricing: Think all this sounds expensive? Think again! Waivo offers affordable protection for both property managers and independent hosts.

So, there you have it – the Waivo difference. With its simplicity, speed, and service, Waivo is redefining damage protection for short-term rentals.  

Our program is customizable and caters to the needs of our clients with damage protection limits ranging from $500 to $20,000. It’s clear why Waivo is the chosen partner for property managers and short-term rental hosts seeking balance of protection and profit.

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