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How does Waivo determine the reimbursement amount for damages? 

Waivo’s damage team carefully reviews each Damage Notice Submission to determine the appropriate reimbursement amount. Factors considered include: 

  • The type and extent of the damage 
  • The age and condition of the damaged item(s) 
  • The cost of repair or replacement 
  • The fair market value of the item(s) 

For the Quick Settlement option, Waivo will offer a reimbursement amount based on the information and photos provided in the initial damage submission. This amount is determined using industry standards and our extensive database of similar damage submissions.

For the Standard Settlement option, Waivo will review the provided invoices and receipts to determine the reimbursement amount. If the cost of repair or replacement exceeds the fair market value of the item, Waivo will reimburse based on the fair market value. 

In some cases, Waivo may request additional information or documentation to accurately assess the damage and determine the appropriate reimbursement amount. Our damage team will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure a fair and timely resolution. 

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